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FissApps is a company specialised in the development of digital solutions and the digital transition.
We create effective, customised and affordable tools that respect your identity and allow you to focus on your core business.

We believe that you are at the forefront of providing new and innovative solutions for us. That through your activity you contribute to our development and well-being.

We bring our stone to the edifice by helping you to fluidify your work processes, from the elaboration of your products and services to their marketing to make them easier. You want to make your business easier by being more visible to your customers, communicating with them, building loyalty and facilitating their buying process.

Optimising the customer journey and your internal processes are at the heart of your strategy, which is why we have decided to focus on tailor-made support for the digitalisation of your business.

We offer digital solutions that are in line with your identity and values, as well as with your strategy and long-term vision.
We are part of a complete support process for all your digital projects, from the understanding of your needs, through the development and implementation of digital tools, to follow-up and support.

Our mission is to support you in the digitalisation of your business to make your actions faster, simpler and more efficient and that is our goal.


We listen to our customers. We favour a close relationship in order to propose solutions that best meet your needs. This proximity allows us to be reactive and to bring you a quick answer.

Transparency & Advisory

We are committed to being transparent with our clients about the solutions available to them. We are also committed to advising you to find together the best solution for your needs and interests.


FissApps offers solutions that respect the latest technological standards.


Because each profession has its own specialties and know-how, we help you learn how to make the best use of your digital tools.

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Who we are

Like every entrepreneurial story, we started with an obvious observation. Today’s companies are struggling to develop their activities because they are totally overwhelmed by the new digital tools and do not know how to use them to their full potential.

Many of you must have been confronted with this type of problem at one time or another, or are still facing it today. You manage your company with several incompatible software packages, which are too expensive to be integrated into your internal processes.

You simply want to manage your company in a simple, fast and fluid way, while facilitating the internal processes of your teams. Your objective is also to improve your customer journey in order to facilitate communication with your prospects, the purchase of your products, the increase of your revenues and the development of customer loyalty.

To meet these growing needs we have come together as IT professionals to found FissApps. We combine skills in website development, mobile applications, e-learning platforms, collaborative platforms, business software, CRM and more.
But to develop these digital tools we have gathered in our teams professionals in marketing, web design, content, UX/UI so that your user interfaces are as optimal as possible and adapted to your needs.

Our experts have more than ten years of experience in the IT field for local companies and large international groups. This is also our strength, as we can adapt to any type of project as long as it meets a digitalization need for our clients.

Our team


CEO, CTO & Founder

Mehdi is in charge of technical innovation within our company.
His Master’s degree in software application design and development combined with 10 years of experience in the realization of applications have allowed him to develop a certain know-how and expertise in this field.

His analytical mind and his ability to understand the needs of his customers allow him to propose relevant solutions to the complex problems of his customers. Mehdi has developed during his career a spirit of initiative that led him to co-found FissApps in 2019 in order to help VSEs and SMEs to digitalize their business, and meet their need for technological and strategic support.

His mission as CTO of FissApps is to oversee the development and dissemination of technology for our clients, to help them optimize the technology investments made, and to ensure that they achieve their goals. Mehdi will help you if you want to implement innovative and customized software solutions for your business.

Mohamed SI AHMED

CMO & Partner

Brand strategist and marketing leader with over 10 years of experience working with global brands in Europe & MENA and Managing director of his own marketing consultancy agency during 5 years.

He excels at transforming an organisation’s approach to marketing to maximise revenue, ROI & profit opportunities in a competitive and challenging environment.

Mohamed is an expert in achieving and exceeding demanding goals, managing stakeholder and client satisfaction. Passionate about delivering concrete results, he loves leading teams to drive for impact while building a positive inclusive culture

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