Cookie policy

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small file, stored on a user’s hard drive by the website. Its purpose is to collect data about the user’s browsing habits.

What cookies do we use?

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

Audience measurement: to track statistical data about traffic to the Site (i.e., how users use the Site and to improve the Site’s services) and to help us measure and study the effectiveness of our online interactive content, features, advertisements and other communications.

We also use an informational cookie to eliminate the need for the user to accept cookies on each visit. This cookie is kept for 12 months, in accordance with current legislation.

Cookie settings

You have the choice of configuring your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, inform you when a cookie is issued, its validity period and content, as well as allow you to refuse its storage in your terminal, and delete your cookies periodically.

You can set your Internet browser to disable cookies. Please note, however, that if you disable cookies, it may diminish the quality of your user experience. In addition, your username and password will no longer be saved on any website.

How do you configure your browser?

  • Firefox :
    1. Open Firefox
    2. Press the “Alt” key
    3. In the menu at the top of the page click on “Tools” and then “Options”.
    4. Select the “Privacy” tab
    5. In the drop-down menu to the right of “Retention Rules”, click on “Use custom settings for history”.
    6. A little further down, uncheck “Accept cookies”.
    7. Save your preferences by clicking on “OK”.
  • Internet Explorer:
    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options
    3. Click on the “Privacy” tab
    4. Click on “Advanced” and uncheck “Accept”.
    5. Save your preferences by clicking “OK”.
  • Google Chrome:
    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Click on the tool icon in the menu bar
    3. Select “Options
    4. Click on the “Advanced Options” tab