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What we believe

In everything we do, we strongly believe that companies are the main element of our development as human beings. That through the products and services you create, you help make our world a better place and make our lives easier.

We contribute at our level to make your way of working easier, more fluid, simple to use and within everyone’s reach.

We happen to offer digitalization services, website creation, mobile application and software to allow each of you to manage your business in the easiest way possible.

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Together, let's shape your digital tools for speed of execution and increased revenues.

Focus on your ambition

At FissApps we are able to provide you with digital tools such as management software (CRM), e-commerce websites, e-learning platforms, mobile applications in order to facilitate your work, collaboration and sales processes


Be visible to your customers and prospects, at the right time and in the right place.


Increase your sales with an e-commerce site and make sales easier and faster for your customers.


Optimise your work processes with internal management software such as CRM.

Online bookings

Allow your customers to make an appointment with you to purchase your products and services easily

Customer loyalty

Keep your customers and prospects in touch with your activities to build loyalty and make them your ambassadors.


Organise and manage your training with an all-in-one e-learning management tool.

Our pride

What our customers say

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

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PPC Ninja

A propos de nous

Notre motivation ?

Vous fournir des outils efficaces et financièrement abordables pour passer au numérique tout en valorisant vos spécificités et votre identité.

Our expertise is recognized

France Num Activator

About us

Our motivation?

Provide you with effective and affordable tools to go digital while enhancing your specificities and identity.

As a member of the France Num network of activators, our commitment to businesses undergoing digital transition is recognized by the French government’s directorate general for business.

Activateur France Num

Notre expertise reconnue

Membre du réseau des activateurs France Num, nous sommes fiers que notre engagement auprès des commerces en transition numérique soit reconnu par la direction générale des entreprises.

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